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venue information project

veni vidi venue

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This is the Venue Information Project (VIP), started by lilithlotr, who turned to me in line at a show one day and asked, "Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a website where you could go and look up all the stuff about a venue that's actually helpful? Like, where to eat nearby, how much parking costs and where are the lots in that area, what stores will let you duck in to use their bathrooms while waiting for six hours straight?"

And so the VIP was born. The community is a starting place, temporary while we work to get the website off the ground.

There are a few rules, so please read them over before joining:

1. This isn't a place to pimp a show or band. This is specifically for the venues. Posts that aren't about a venue will be rejected.

2. Please use tags, so other people can easily find information about the venue they're going to. State/province: City for the US/Canada (ie, California: San Diego or Alberta: Calgary), or Country: City for anywhere else (England: London or Japan: Tokyo).

3. There's no set guideline for posting. We just ask that you please include a helpful subject line and make sure the name and location of the venue are easily found. Anything helpful about the venue is allowed... photos of the front, locations for lot/street parking, transit information, tips on the neighborhood around it, etc.

4. Before posting a venue, please take a minute to check the tags to see if that venue has already been posted. If it has, simply add your information to the comments of that post.

5. Post! If you go to a show, tell us all about the venue!

If you have any questions, drop a comment on any mod post (they will be tagged as such).

Helpful Links:

GotScene?, a website for bands and fans to get together, including a place to enter useful venue information.